Training and development

Обучение и развитие

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Kaspersky provides all its employees with opportunities for internal and external training. They can take online courses about our products, sign up for courses to develop their business, sales or personal skills, choose the most convenient way to learn a foreign language and also apply to participate in external training courses and events. We have both mandatory and optional corporate educational programs.

Compulsory courses

Information security

No matter what security measures we implement, ultimately, the human factor is the most vulnerable aspect in terms of information security. All Kaspersky’s employees are trained in the basics of cybersecurity, even if they are not directly involved in the development or promotion of our solutions.

Kaspersky provides a series of information security courses to educate its employees on handling confidential information, secure password and account data storage practices, and recognizing phishing emails and websites.


At any modern company, employees need to understand and comply with anti‑corruption laws. By following the rules learned in the anti‑corruption course, our employees can help Kaspersky maintain its reputation and integrity, as well as avoid possible fines for the Company and personal liability.

Rules for addressing emergencies

Fire, smoke, sparks in electrical wiring and equipment, accidents and other incidents can cause harm to people’s health and lives and lead to serious financial damage. Every Kaspersky’s employees is required to learn safety rules so that they know how to take sufficient and coordinated actions in the event of an emergency.

Training on Company’s products

Employees of the Sales and Presales teams are required to undergo mandatory training on Kaspersky’s products. Depending on their position, employees must complete a course and pass an exam within 90–180 days to confirm their acquired knowledge about the Company’s product line roadmap.

Optional courses and external training

  • Massive open online courses (MOOCs)
  • Face‑to‑face trainings and webinars on the Kaspersky.Academy internal portal
  • Training programs as part of the Colab Tech project
  • External courses to maintain and develop professional expertise
  • Foreign language training

In 2023, the average number of training hours per employee increased by 37 percent due to the fact that employees are choosing more comprehensive long‑term external training programs over targeted short‑term courses. Another reason is the significant growth in Kaspersky Academy’s internal training portfolio and online courses available to employees on the portal.

We continue to improve our training programs and increase investment in employee education. In 2023, our training and development expenses grew by 13.5 percent compared with the previous year.

In 2023, Kaspersky transitioned to a new learning management system with a more convenient interface and a variety of learning formats. The Company has immediate plans to further develop the platform, expand Kaspersky Academy’s catalog of online courses, including training in foreign languages, and create educational journeys for the comprehensive development of employees both on specific topics (such as enterprise sales and communication skills) and for particular roles and positions.

Investment in staff development and training, US$
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Training program results
Indicator 2021 2022 2023 Change 2023/2022, %
Average number of training hours (all types) per Company employee
Total 5.5 6.2 8.5 +37
Total number of training hours per Company employee
Women 7,903 8,909 11,419 +28
Men 15,555 21,002 31,450 +50
Technical specialists and managers 13,805 15,003 21,806 +45
Other specialists and managers 9,653 14,908 21,063 +41
Total 23,458 29,911 42,869 +43