Managing sustainable development

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In early 2024, the Company established a sustainable development committee that reports to the board of directors. The committee’s main goal is to develop recommendations for the board of directors on key sustainable development (ESG) issues, including:

  • Minimizing the Company’s environmental impact;
  • Creating a productive work environment and developing human potential at the Company;
  • Respecting and protecting human rights and providing an inclusive environment and equal access to the Company’s products and services;
  • Supporting local communities and non‑profit organizations and promoting the Company’s social development;
  • Improving corporate governance, security and ESG risk management practices at the Company.

The committee will meet at least twice a year and actively collaborate with the Company’s management bodies and teams that are involved in implementing sustainable development projects.

Teams responsible for achieving sustainable development goals in key areas

  • Government Relations
  • KasperskyOS Business Unit
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Threat Research
  • Consumer Product Marketing
  • Information Security
  • Economic Security & Compliance
  • Strategic IP Development & Research
  • Internal Control
  • Procurement
  • Talent Development
  • Kaspersky Academy
  • ESG & Sustainability
  • Consumer Channel
  • Business Intelligence for Consumer Business
  • Telecommunication IT Infrastructure
  • Office Administration
  • Finance
  • Marketing Production
  • Digital Business
  • Business Travel
  • KasperskyOS Business Unit
  • Industrial Cybersecurity

Key documents

Key documents

Anti‑Corruption PolicyAdopted by Order No. 27 dated May 18, 2012.

Key documents

Procurement Guideline

Key documents

Contracts Approval Policy