Kaspersky Sustainability Curve

Sustainability report for the second half of 2022 and 2023

About the Company

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Protecting cyberspace

We develop information security solutions to make cyberspace secure

Highlights of 2023

Kaspersky is one of the world’s largest private information security companies

in global B2B sales in 2022YOY growth in the SMB, enterprise and B2B digital segments. All segment and regional figures are in net sales bookings, not revenue, and are presented in fixed rates as of 2022. The 2022 growth is presented as compared with 2021.
in global enterprise sales in 2022
in global sales of Kaspersky industrial CyberSecurity in 2022

Sustainable Development

Creating a sustainable digital world

Kaspersky’s mission is to build a secure digital world so that people can take advantage of the power of technology to improve life on the planet

Strategic priorities of sustainable development

  1. 1 Safer Cyberworld
  2. 2 Future Tech
  3. 3 Safer Planet
  4. 4 People Empowerment
  5. 5 Ethics and Transparency

ESG Safer Cyber World

Developing code for a safe world

Kaspersky creates tools to protect users against cyberthreats and assists in investigating cybercrimes

Each year we face new challenges. We develop security solutions both for private users and for major industrial facilities. We help law enforcement organizations. We introduce educational products ranging from the basics of cybersecurity to special projects for professionals.


Kaspersky solutions

malicious files detected daily in 2023
125 million
malicious files found from January to October 2023
malware-class attacks blocked from November 2022 to October 2023

ESG Future Tech

Freedom code

We have created an ecosystem of modern IT technologies and services to protect critical infrastructure in key industries for the overall development and prosperity of humanity


We continue to transition from the concept of cybersecurity to the broader concept of Cyber Immunity.

products and services included in the Kaspersky OT CyberSecurity (KOTS) industrial cybersecurity ecosystem
Russian information security standards developed by the Company
major industrial customers worldwide protected by Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity (KICS) solutions

ESG Safer Planet

Saving the planet

We are reducing our environmental footprint, using energy efficient solutions and sorting waste


We strive to minimize any impacts our operations have on the environment and climate:

we are increasing energy efficiency of our office and data centers

we are optimizing business processes

we are developing environmental awareness among staff

we are reducing waste generation

we are reducing resource consumption

the share of ESD & POSA in global sales
the share of boxes in global sales
370 kg
of electronic equipment collected for eco-friendly recycling in 2022–2023
350 kg
of batteries sent for recycling in 2023

ESG People Empowerment

Overcoming barriers

Kaspersky is committed to gender equality, developing its employees and cultivating a cybersecurity workforce


Kaspersky’s employees are its most valuable asset. Our goal is to justify their trust and provide them with opportunities for development. The Company offers all types of social support, educational courses, talent identification programs and various material incentive methods, and employee salaries are constantly on the rise.

Kaspersky supports its employees throughout their entire career with us

new jobs created in 2022–2023
decrease in staff turnover compared with 2022
growth in staff in 2023

ESG Ethics and Transparency

We are committed to openness

We maintain an honest dialogue with our stakeholders and strive to enhance the transparency of our business processes.

  • We release transparency reports
  • We protect data around the world
  • We protect intellectual property rights
  • We comply with business and corporate ethics

Main focuses


Global Transparency Initiative development

>US$8,4 million
investment in the development of GTI since 2018

Protecting our users’ data

serious violations of personal data legislation or major leaks

Intellectual property protection

231 patents
obtained by Kaspersky for its inventions in 2022–2023

Improving management transparency and business sustainability

4 new Transparency Centers
opened in Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Italy and the Netherlands

Kaspersky today

>25 years
in information security
1 billion
Devices protected by Kaspersky to dateThe figure is based on the data of Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) for automated malware analysis and includes records starting from 2011, when the system was rolled out
corporate customers
experts on the team
36 products
for home and business

We continued to develop the Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity (KICS) solution


certified systems from 50+ suppliers

Sales growth


We created an ecosystem for the cyber-physical security of industrial enterprises Kaspersky OT CyberSecurity (KOTCS)

  • KOTCS is an IT-OT convergence
  • protection of a company’s all levels in a single console
  • highest level of expertise