Talent management

Управление персоналом

Employees are the Kaspersky’s most valuable asset. It is therefore important for us to make sure every person feels comfortable, taken care of, and engaged in what they are doing in order to be productive and can develop themselves and the Company further.

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Key documents

  • Local Labor Regulations
  • Internal Labor Regulations
  • Regulation on Compensation
  • Regulation on Remuneration

Approach to talent management

Relationships with our employees are based on trust and mutual respect. To guarantee a comfortable working environment for all employees, we thoroughly assess every aspect they encounter during their daily work routine, ranging from office conditions to performance evaluation procedures. We take note of everyone’s needs and do everything we can to ensure Kaspersky’s employees feel supported and taken care of in any situation. We create the conditions necessary for the development of individual employees, teams and the entire business as a whole.

Our key objectives:

  • Provide suitable conditions for employees to work and develop, including competitive remuneration and an extensive benefits package
  • Invest in the training and growth of employees through individual development plans, the introduction of new educational programs and an increase in the number of training hours per employee
  • Develop the corporate volunteering program by increasing the number of participants and expanding cooperation with charitable foundations

HR management system

HR headcount and structure

GRI 2‑7
GRI 401‑1

Kaspersky increased its staff size by 4.4 percent during the reporting period and had a total of 5,152 employees as of December 31, 2023. The increase in headcount is due to a decrease in overall resignations and the development of the Company’s business in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

+ 4.4
growth in staff in 2023
Total number of employees, classified by type of contract

Staff turnover

decrease in staff turnover compared with 2022

Kaspersky brings together some of the world’s best specialists and creates an environment in which each employee can showcase and develop their best qualities. This helps us solve complex problems quickly and efficiently.

When recruiting staff, we review candidates based on their professional expertise, and do not impose any limitations on hiring people based on age, gender, etc. For employees with disabilities, we create all the necessary conditions for them to fully realize their potential.

In 2023, staff turnover decreased in all the regions where Kaspersky operates and in all age groups due to changing trends in the labor market and the economic situation around the world.

Career development programs

The Company strives to create the best possible conditions for employees to build their careers and to expand their professional experience or change their career path – moving positions vertically and horizontally within their team and/or transferring to another one. This provides an excellent opportunity to improve motivation and cross‑functional interaction between units within a department. An individual development plan is created for each employee, which includes regular meetings with the Company’s heads of departments, participation in cross‑team projects and specialized training courses.

Kaspersky’s employees are able to improve their professional and personal skills, learn foreign languages and take part in external training and educational events.

Since 2016, we have been investing in young talent and helping them build a career with Kaspersky. We also have a full‑fledged paid internship program for Russian students – SafeBoard. Over the course of eight years since SafeBoard was introduced, more than half of the interns have joined our staff. They work in middle and senior level positions and some have become heads at various units.

Financial incentives

Average salary increase for Kaspersky’s employees worldwide:
in 2022
in 2023

We firmly believe that our skilled professionals should be rewarded for their contribution to Kaspersky’s development. To this end, we maintain salaries at a competitive level and reward employees for their achievements.

To retain our talents and keep their salaries at a competitive level, we expanded our Compensations and Benefits team in late 2021. This helps us provide a faster and more in‑depth analysis of market changes and trends, as well as financial assessments of employee benefits. In 2022, the Company doubled its investment in salaries and bonuses compared with 2021.

In 2022, salaries for Kaspersky’s employees increased by an average of 20 percent in Russia and 18 percent worldwide. In 2023, remuneration for Kaspersky’s employees grew by around 19 percent in Russia (17% worldwide).

Staff assessment

GRI 404‑3

We regularly evaluate the performance of the Kaspersky’s personnel with more than 90 percent of employees subjected to performance assessment process evaluations.

One of our key principles for compensation is “Remuneration for Results.” The performance assessment results had a direct impact on the payment of bonuses, salary reviews and the promotions of our employees.

We plan to conduct employee performance reviews for 2023 in early 2024. The metrics used to evaluate the correlation between the assessment results and remuneration components remains unchanged.