Mission and values

Implementing our mission involves making the digital space more resilient to threats by building Cyber Immunity and inherently protected systems. We also devote considerable attention to social projects and environmental protection.

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Our values

Be there for you

Even though we live and breathe the cyber world, people are at the heart of what we do.

We never lose sight of the people we build our solutions for. We are always aiming to meet the needs of our customers because we want to make them feel safer by providing the best solutions for all of their digital interactions.

We’ll always be there for you, for our customers, partners, prospects and colleagues.

Be committed experts

Through our recognized technology expertise, we are committed to providing trust, safety and confidence.

We never give up on our mission to make the digital world a safer place and build a Cyber Immune future. And on this duty we always play fair. People who meet us understand that we are totally committed to the cause and will always be by our customers’ side.

Be cleverly inventive

We’re always switched on and in touch with what’s happening in the industry and the wider world.

We’re tirelessly looking for new smart solutions and architectural approaches as we constantly strive to reach new levels, evolve and identify the most effective and inventive ways to build a Cyber Immune future.

Be powered by challenges

Changing the world and industry has never been easy.

We constantly challenge ourselves to do what others can’t. We deliver outstanding solutions to overcome obstacles of all kinds, and this is proven across our 25‑year history. Independence and originality are in our blood. We follow our own path and develop our own approach to guide the next generation of cybersecurity.