Occupational safety and health protection

Безопасность труда и охрана здоровья

We make sure each work space at Kaspersky is comfortable and safe, and that all employees have access to professional medical care.

accidents involving occupational risks in 2022 and 2023

Key documents

  • Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • Regulation on the Identification of Hazards and the Level of Occupational Risks
  • Instructions on Fire Safety Measures
  • Internal Labor Regulations
  • Occupational Safety Policy

Occupational safety and health management

GRI 403‑2
GRI 403‑4
GRI 403‑5

The HR Department and particularly HR Support team ensures occupational safety and the health of its employees at Kaspersky with the help of external consultants.

In addition, the Company has an occupational safety commission, which includes representatives of various departments. In spring 2023, a series of Safe Environment videos were created to remind our employees about the ways to maintain a comfortable and safe environment in the office: how to host parties, order office passes and park correctly.

GRI 403‑9

Most Kaspersky’s employees work in the office. Not a single case of injury was recorded among employees during the reporting period.

GRI 403‑6

All of Kaspersky’s Russian employees and their children under the age of 16 are covered by the corporate voluntary health insurance program, which also includes accident insurance (for Company’s employees). If an employee has an accident, it can be reported to the insurance company through the HR Department.

The voluntary health insurance program enables employees to undergo cancer treatment, make use of hospital services, receive psychological help online and offline and get vaccinated against seasonal diseases. The Company’s headquarters has a gym and a sauna, and employees can visit a therapist, psychologist, or massage therapist in‑house. We also partly compensate employees’ fees for membership at fitness centers as well as kids summer camps. We also regularly conduct employee surveys to assess the effectiveness of the occupational safety and health management system.

All the Company’s units regularly conduct special assessments of working conditions.