Developing environmental awareness among staff

Our employees are actively involved in environmental initiatives. For people who want to lead an eco‑friendly lifestyle, the Company has created the Green like Midori corporate community and invites all newcomers to join it. Moreover, we annually arrange online lectures on environmental protection for employees from sustainability experts.

In 2022, we launched the Trash Ninja online game for employees of the Moscow office. It introduces players to the types of waste generated in the office and at home, and lets players compete with their colleagues in sorting waste. Most of the Company’s employees have already completed the Trash Ninja program and learned how to sort garbage.

The Company annually hosts events where employees can bring their non‑functional home electronics and other appliances. All collected items are sent to our partner Petromax for eco‑friendly disposal. Our employees can also dispose of lithium batteries at the office, which are later recycled by our waste management partners. In addition, since 2023, we have been working with the social eco‑project Re:Books, which collects unwanted books and donates them to rural libraries.

370  kg
of electronic equipment collected for eco‑friendly recycling in 2022–2023
350  kg
of batteries sent for recycling in 2023
Our contribution to promoting the idea of conscious consumption
We give clothes, bags and accessories a “second life”

In 2022, Kaspersky began collaborating with the Vtoroe Dykhanie Charitable Foundation, a major Russian non‑profit organization (NPO) that collects, sorts, redistributes, and recycles unwanted clothing. We arranged a visit to the foundation’s warehouse in Moscow, where our employees gained insights into the development of the NPO’s infrastructure for collecting, processing, sorting, recycling, and donating used or unwanted clothing. Today in our Moscow office there is a container available for employees to donate their unwanted or old clothing, shoes and accessories. Every 2–3 weeks Vtoroe Dykhanie come to our office to collect what we have gathered. Subsequently, these items are distributed as humanitarian aid to various groups, including low‑income and large families, homeless individuals, people with disabilities, refugees, and others. Items of high quality or of luxurious brands are sold in the NPO’s charity shops, and acquired profits are used for statutory activities.

What was the result?

From October 2022 to December 2023, our employees donated 1,408 kg of items. The foundation recycled 65% of these items. The foundation donated 34% of these items as humanitarian aid or sent them to its charity shop and other second‑hand stores to be sold. Only 1% of the items were utilized and recycled.