What we do for the world’s cybersecurity

The essentials from Kaspersky’s Sustainable Development Report for the year 2021 and the first half of 2022.


For 25 years we have been enabling people’s security in the digital world. We develop a wide range of protective solutions for both private users and large industrial enterprises. We develop educational products — from those teaching the basics of cybersecurity, to training courses for highly-skilled developers. We also work on Cyber Immunity — an approach aimed at constructing digital systems in such a way that carrying out a cyberattack would cost more than the amount of possible damage or profit to the attackers. Our own operating system — KasperskyOS — is built on this security-by-design principle, and has already proven helpful in the protection of the Internet of Things and smart cities.

Let us share some of our main accomplishments with you.

We make our processes transparent and protect data

of our contract partners have been in the market for at least three years

We don’t work with companies with neither experience nor reputation


We have opened nine Transparency Centers worldwide since 2018

These are visitor centers where we inform people about our data management procedures and provide access to the source code of our solutions. Since their inception, our Transparency Centers have handled 31 client requests

100% of the patent actions filed against our company in the U.S.A. over the course of 17 years were successfully defended in court Here is the story of how we defeated one such patent troll


Zero court orders against the company, our employees or partners regarding violations of anti-corruption laws

Kaspersky does not accept any form of bribery or corruption

0major violations of personal data legislation from 2021–2022

We assist in the investigation of cybercrimes and we protect users and critical infrastructure against threats

high-profile arrests of cybercriminals

were made in four countries thanks to active cyber-expertise exchanges between Kaspersky and INTERPOL. Read here about how we helped prevent a cyber-heist from taking place in a central bank in Latin America


More than 1.5 million users

worldwide have been able to decrypt their data since 2016 with the help of the No More Ransom anti-ransomware initiative co-founded by Kaspersky

Over 750 thousand people across 24 Russian cities attended our webinars on internet safety for children


More than 100 KasperskyOS-based pilot projects were launched by Kaspersky in Russia in 2021, and in 2022 we began launching our first pilots in the Middle East

Our pilot projects are primarily employed in the metallurgy, oil and gas, mechanical engineering, and metalworking industries, as well as in government institutions and educational establishments

More than 687 million attacks launched from internet resources located in various countries worldwide were thwarted by Kaspersky’s solutions from November 2020 to October 2021

We reduce our impact on the environment

We reduced our emissions by 81%

from 2019 to 2021 after cutting down on air travel (from 5085 flights in 2019 to 1460 in 2021)


We have saved up to 50% of water usage

each month in our Moscow office following the installation of new sensors on our water supply facilities

50% less physical media sales of Kaspersky products in favor of digital products from 2021–2022

8,14 tons
out of 172.4 tons of Class IV waste

were recycled in 2021. In the first half of 2022 — 2.56 out of 218.2 tons were recycled. Read on to learn about how we instruct our employees on waste sorting in the office to ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled

We provide opportunities for our employees and recruit personnel for the IT field

of employees

at Kaspersky are women, there is 17% of women in our development team


More than 40% of all our employees

have completed training in optional courses improving their qualifications — a total of 28,508 hours

Over 6000 students from all over the world have taken part in the Secur’IT Cup competition since 2018; winners receive $10,000 grants


Over 100 partner universities in 71 countries already support Kaspersky.Academy, our educational project on information security

students went on to become employed

in Kaspersky’s European and Singapore offices thanks to its global internship program launched in 2021. Two alumni of Kaspersky’s Math Vertical classes now work in Kaspersky’s R&D department while simultaneously pursuing higher education — read more about their trajectory here

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